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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Friend For A Life Time

Friend of a life time  
how many are there 
how many do you have 
how many have you got? 

Every time 
you knock their door 
it is with the same smile 
they greet you with  

No fronting 
no weird atmosphere 
like lost connections 
on my Wifi. 

How many 
are going to be friends 
for a life time, a life time 
friends for a life time 

How many do you have 
how many have you got   
even here, here  
on social media 

How many did take the time   
a second in seconds 
on your birthday  
to wish you a happy day 

Made easy with reminders 
by facebook apps to say 
hello, it has been a while   
hope things are, good with you. 

How many do you have    
friends for a life time 
how many have you got 
friends for a life time 

Not friends with benefit, 
or favor friends, favor friends 
always in with an angle, 
never around on a cloudy day..

Friends of a life time.. 
I see you, counting fingers 
and not to ten on count 
to run out of fingers to count. 

Prompting reflection 
of thoughts, thinking cup
on where all my childhood 
friends went 

Friends of a life time.. 
and sometimes we joke 
and smile knowing we are 
largely surrounded by frenemies  

A word that has gained more 
in meaning in recent times, 
than the word friend or enemy. 
best to have combined, I guess 

Friend of a life time, 
which one are you, 
how many do you have 
how many have you got. 

#life #culture 
#philosophy #poetry 

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