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Monday, 7 August 2017

Solid into nothing

Runners with cars, swimmers with speedboats, a vegetarian with meat. Quater pounder

A poor man with wealth, a short man as a giant. Gulliver's travel

Life gets confusing, bright as day when the moon comes out, full at night. The wolves sing songs 

A ghost with skin, an  anorexia fat man, a dried up sea and the Sahara was once a forest, sex change. Who flipped it all.

Fact is fiction, plus a pinch of salt
Pandora left her box empty. The thief got tricked

Somewhere I read the south and north pole are flipping their magnetic fields. True story.

Some say miracles have lost their value "paper weight"

I swear I am taking a stand, this time firm on solid grounds, below me the tectonic plates are moving. Earth quakes 

Earth is moving at a speed of 67, 000 miles an hour, speed limits on school runs

Who called the sloth slow, sat in these speeds, are you serious.

Nothing is as it seems to be, past a given condition, every solid is liquid, heated up, past liquid is vapor, then beyond that which my eyes sees.

I ask past my sight, does anything have meaning?

My third eye is without sight but wide to the views of conscious visions

Intelligence is never physical, that is just observation based on a given point of view. Assumptions

I breathe God everyday, I feel it in the weathers play, it is in the connection bond I have with others

It is the feeling in my heart the first organ made of me, made for me.

I am not what you see, solid into nothing

I am the feeling you have when you are around me

I am what you think of me, in my absence.

So tell me, what does a rich man has of value

What does a poor man has so poor

Runners with cars, swimmers with speedboat. 

Who are you fronting , fronting. 

Do you see me or feel me in your presence 

Do you sense me from a distance 

I am thunder, tell runners with cars, I am thunder 

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