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Monday, 30 October 2017

The dead and stress

Even stress is envied by the dead
Ask me what my value is

Time is of the essence
Time with a purpose

Like empty baskets waiting
To be filled in with an element

Elementry, some say
You can't carry water in a basket

Tell them, Gods honest truth be told
They really haven't been tested

At the elenth hour to innovate
Find a reason, find your focus

And when the time comes
You will indeed find a way

Fight or fly I tell you, I have seen
Eagles carrying cows for dinner

Goats winning fights against bulls
What is your motivation

You should know, no one ever
Regrets the things they did

On their death bed
No confessions hold weight

Unless you were a witch
With a weight so heavy, of flesh eaten

Only the things they were
So afraid to attempt doing

And you will hear them
Pronounce your death

Calling time on clocks
Yet your conciousness alive

Brain activity
Do we still make memories

You will have the awareness
Of being to hear all

Wishing to go back
To make an attempt

I tell you
Even stress is envied by the dead 

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