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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A Russian Roulette

Are we afraid of the dark 
Or is the darkness afraid of us 

Calling your bluff 
If you sneeze you lose, brain cells

Blinded for a minute, closed eye 
Hold your nerves, under water 

And see how long you will last, count down 
Slow air bubbles, burst in succession  

Buddha must be high, to stay so calm
I want what he is on, please I plead thee 

Don't hold up the rotation, revolving 
Grab and pass, next my turn 

I wounder why we lost our tails 
Travelling through the path of evolution 

Someone must have shut the door 
In a hurry, losing their nerves  

Causing me to be without my tail 
That extra hand could have been of use 

But imagine a fine lady in high heels 
With a tail waving at the back, there is a name for that

Just imagine, imagine "imagine all the people"
Maybe the brain would have adopted to appreciate 

This was not suppose to make sense 
If  you are looking for the sliver lining 

Well, at least not served on a sliver plate 
Make of it what you please, I do insist 

There is reasoning somewhere,  possibilities  
Like why a Pi of a circle numerically is infinite 


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