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Friday, 2 August 2013

A curfew in place (a bat's story)

I found a reason to apprehend 
The wary acts of bats, funny flies 

Blinded by the light 

Turn your lights down low to comprehend 

Mystery of their being, scary face 

Perhaps it is best they roam at night 

Not sure what to make of them mammals on flight 

Something caught in the door way of transformation 

In transition between light and day 

They sure look like dogs weird with wings 

Head shape and even with fur 

With tooth as fierce to bite if dared 

If the nights should have them 

Then so be it, cast them away I say 

As the self proclaimed lords of earth 

Perhaps we can do without them and fear 

Like so many we have made extinct and dead 

We can do without them and fear 

Ouch a reaction from a mosquito bite I felt 

Someone let the bats out, quick now quick quick 

To clean this mess of enraged mosquito attacks 

That tries to place a curfew on me, on me

Sitting  outside at night relaxing and pleased 

Someone call all the bats out 

These mosquitoes can not be serious 
I tell you, they cannot be serious at all 

I tell you, trying to place a curfew on me
But for my fur friend fly, my bat friend to the rescue 

These mosquito would have  in deed had their way 
"having a curfew placed on me"


  1. Bats, mosquitoes and curfews. Thinking outdoors beneath a night's sky accentuates or appreciation of the mysterious wells of the universe.

  2. like so many others we have killed...it is pretty sad how many animals we have snuffed out...and still snuff out every year...who are we to steal such from the earth....

  3. We love watching the bats at sunset here, flitting and feeding. I loved this poem! The curfew made me smile.

  4. I love bats! Great poem.

  5. I love your description of them as being "caught in the doorway of transformation".

  6. hey, wow such a great description ... loved reading :-)


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