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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Armageddon, A craze

We find each others self destructive button 
In times of war, I will bring war to your door step 
And we press push until we explode

Blaming games and ping pong battle, squash 
Hitting balls to the wall with rage
Announcing our displeasure pronouncing our war stunts

Battle lines drawn, war songs sang, war mask worn 
Drums beat to heighten our anxiety 
Pulling out all the daggers with stained old blood 

We are expected to act on instinct 
Taste the blood on our tongues of our enemies
Welcome rage, live in the moment of welcoming death

Death as pleasure theirs or ours
It matters not, no one is to live this 
Stained, drenched land, let no one alive 

We came with good intentions 
Now turned fanatics breaking all the eggs
In the birds' nest, stamping on wet shells

With yolk that sludge on the side. 
Squashing them like a blender 
Mixing their essence with the dirty sand 

There would be no tomorrow, today as judgement day
There would be no salvage value none wanted 
No common grounds to be left after this dance

In the center of the volcanic eruption 
No one is to go looking for gold 
Or any such rich minerals, tell phoenix not to rise 

No one is to go talking of peace 
This as a sacrilege to the cause 
Punishable by death a gruesome death it shall be 

Now would you believe me, if I told you 
This is a romantic poem, a very romantic poem, a peace poem 
A love poem, a heart poem, just in abstract settings 


  1. Very moving, a tragic subject to grapple with

  2. "We came with good intentions
    Now turned fanatics breaking all the eggs
    In the birds' nest, stamping on wet shells" - loved this verse in particular. The images are really well-penned, and I really didn't expect the poem to end as it did :)

  3. I like how the last stanza questions the way we read and understood your poem. It engages us to read again, with different eyes!

  4. Strong writing here, Kodjo. Emotion packed! I have really enjoyed your work lately. The ending surprised me and made me think about your former 'warlike' words. It seems then that your poem describes some kinds of relationships in which arguments are the norm....yet they profess to LOVE one another.

  5. Very moving and the conclusion was fantastic. I love this piece for its vivid imagery and strong metaphors. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Unexpected ending. Would love to you read this.

  7. to talk of peace being a sacrilidge, ack...def a powerful verse brother..w.ar is the mechanism of our world sadly...or the only answer we seem to know...kill, kill, kill....

  8. One of your best, Kodjo. The mindset of war. Stepping on the eggshells in the nest is such a powerful image. Your closing stanza is simply brilliant.

  9. "Drums beat to heighten our anxiety"

    like we're the prey to be flushed out into the kill zone. powerful write ~ M


  10. what a flow of strong words............

  11. Powerful and timely. And great ending.

  12. Very interesting and a wonderful read.

  13. Yes, we are all so anxious to fight which has been romanticized way more than peace and love.

  14. Wonderfully written, Kodjo! Glad to be a follower of your blog.

  15. I enjoyed the read very much, smashing use of words


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