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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Diamond in the dirt

I am like the diamond in the dirt
My shine is yet not so bright to see 

But that is just because of the day it is 
I am a Monday born 

So at my best catch me 
On a Monday, seasons 

That is the first day after rest days 
So I am filled with vim, am about to shine 

Bright light, dark shades 
Recommended for this diamond in the rough 

Bright like a star, catch me if you can 
On my best days

As it is, am full to the brim 
Over flowing like a broken dam 

So Tuesdays gets flooded 
I am good with my words 

And Wednesday is not left out either 
Not when we have our mind on the game 

And the game is to be made our dreams to be 
Like made men, with rights of way, passage 

Thursdays, just follows through as standard 
No weakness there, more of the same 

As we proceed, gallantry 
And you know what Friday brings 

Like chapters, stories and novels 
With suspense and thrillers 

Friday should be renamed Vegas  
A desert with oasis, paradise on parade 

Loosened chains, that means 
We about to let the beast out 

See no evil, hear no evil 
The devil is in the details 

And around here, it comes in liquid form 
I promise I would be intoxicated even on water 

By the end of the night 
That means get out of jail free card 

Still wise enough to wake up 
Saturday with a clear conscience  

If not, Sunday awaits my confessions 
Bless me Father, for I have sinned 

I am a diamond in the ground 
With dirt on my shoulder  

That makes me 
A diamond in the dirt 

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