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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ghana's Independence; a satire

The fool finds pleasure 
In celebrating illusion and refuse to wake 

Like thinking the world 
Is no longer connected by wires 

Many of which runs on the floor 
Of the deep blue sea, lets accept miracles 

But of cause we would, magic to embrace 
We would want it that way, detached from reality 

Reality is a pill hard to swallow 
And for the kid that hates medicine 

Crushing the pills into his drink  
Works the magic, the fool with illusion 

A zombie nation, continent, where all that matters 
Are foreign owned, yet we declare independence

I would cry but I am not with enough tears 
To bail, this bankrupt nation of it's woes  

To say freedom is ours to choose 
Only a fool would be blind to the chains 

Worse is we beg for these chains 
On all four, we beg and beg 

And beg some more, for weights so heavy 
It cripples us, that is where we find comfort 

An excuse to shout victimization 
Seeking attention from the very people we accuse 

A nation is like a house, I say, an analogy 
With it's living room forming the capital 

Accra would hold that honor  
Shameful, smelly, polluted Accra, our living room

Our living room, where we host our guest 
And say, welcome to my beautiful country 

Just don't look past the air-conditioned tinted glasses
To the foreign owned hotel we will take you to rest  

To be hosted in our foreign funded and built 
Presidential palace, and our western suit in hot weather 

The middle class youth with ignorance and two phones, self-worth 
Attached to ipads like their lives depends on it, enslaved 

Yet failing to make good use of it, opportunity 
To educate their mindset about their environment 

Forgive me, I forgot to mention 
We are celebrating our independence 

With the loan money you just gave us 
Come, come you are invited as our guest, special privilege    

Come and drink and merry make 
Help us celebrate our independence from you 

Tomorrow we will be with our beggars bowl 
At your door step, bright and early for more handouts 

For we are an independent nation 
Magic and illusion, miracles we adore

Freedom and justice is a bore 
Mind over matter, it matters not, it is all bore 

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