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Monday, 10 March 2014

My Area Girl

My area girl, my area girl 
My girl in mind 

If I were to write a birthday poem 
A birthday poem with a queen in mind 

It would be of a sort, something like this 
It would sound just like this, with a queen in mind ...

Butterflies are pure, she is my area girl, my area girl  
Nothing too fancy but fancy self 

Her looks so gorgeous and full of grace 
Easily could have been a beauty queen 

But stayed away from the lime light 
Elegantly shy, shy, coy and reserved 

Honeysuckle, she is just so sophisticated, effortlessly so 
Class is nothing but t' definition of her essence 

She is my area girl, my beauty queen 
Just the same, with a natural beauty 

Fragrant royal roses, she was born a beauty queen 
Nothing like barbie, all plastic filled 

Artificial in character, is not in her nature 
Not of her make, not so defined 

To rub off easily, pencil marks 
Crumbling as usual when the going gets tough 

Bailing out, no nah, not my Agyeiwaa  
My lady bird, my back bone hold 

Bird of paradise, she is my area girl, my beauty queen 
Travelling far or near my area girl 

Still, where ever we will go 
She will always be my area girl 

Like a good network, reception essential 
My area girl, my area girl

Relevance, she is just so well connected 
With nothing in tow but love to show

My area girl, as my area girl  
My area girl, my area girl, my beauty queen 

Written for Rita Denteh Agyeiwaa on her birthday
Always stay as blessed and more 
I am fortunate to know you..

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