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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Being Self Assessed

Being self assessed
I am a wise hypocrite 
I know I am, don't follow me 

But the ying yang symbol, is not
It is the most poetic symbol on earth
I concur, truly I do, it stands as true 

 It shows a defined balance 
And the continuous war 
We fight within ourselves 

Between good and evil.
A good as evil
As evilly as good may have it be 

It shows in clarity and transparency 
That we can never truly completely 
Do away with one and be as one being 

No matter how hard we try 
Because we are bonded 
By the two as one, in the spine as one 

That the most absolute "evil" of men 
Ever known to mankind had a kind heart
To those that mattered to him, it mattered not

And the most "loving" of  men
Ever known to mankind
Had a dark side to match, poker face

Let no man take as set
Another as his mirror
So reflective to abide

For his hidden enigma, agenda
May be worse than yours
Cloudier than yours

He is only good, a deed so well done
So deligently to hide from you
That which is truly his reflection

#life #philosophy #culture
#morality #religion
#mirrors #mirrors on the wall

Be self assessed
A wise hypocrite
I know I am, follow me not

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