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Monday, 20 June 2016

My Last Meeting

I was invited to a meeting 
Or was it a self invite 
Voluntarily I went to a meeting 

I went to the meeting 
For I had a meeting with the chair 
I was at a meeting, my reasons are mine 

You see the most important meeting
That would be had for you, 
You will not be present. 

The most important gathering 
That would be had in your name, 
You will not be invited in person 

The test of your essence 
Is on how many people would turn 
Up for you, in your name. 

Your last curtains call. 
#life #culture #philosophy 
#RIP Yes,  Rest In Peace 

This will be your testimony 
Your last testimony 
I came to bare witness 

I was at a man's meeting 
Met a few I knew already 
A few more I was introduced to 

And yet a few more 
Who sat next to me in the meeting
But remained strangers perfectly in form

As strangers do, indeed as strangers do
With half nods to acknowledge 
And almost a handshake to affirm 

A few who's last meeting am sure to attend 
A few who's last meeting I will be invited to 
But fail to attend for one reason or the other  

And a few, a few who are sure to attend mine  
Yes my last meeting, so happy to be present 
A privilege bestowed to come and witness 

Not all that will be invited would attend
But some more would self volunteer 
And come with agency a duty they hold dear 

There will be a last meeting for me
The most important meeting of all
But I will not be invited in person

I hope you are invited to bare witness
I hope you attend my last meeting
I hope you volunteer if you never get the invite 

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