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Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Rant of Conscience

I fear the great divide, rant of conscience 
Polarisation of our believes 
And philosophy alike 

The youth becoming more right-wing
The middle ground becoming
Thinner with cracks showing, ready to break.

I fear the  virus of discontent
That has infested society, taking over
Reversing us all back into the dark ages.

I fear the fame and adoration
Now being shown to the wicked
That passed away  with "disgrace"

And the thoughts today of our heros
As weak, weak and empty
No cause so great they fought

I fear the madness that is today,
I fear the extreme libertarianism
Of the left wing, excepting every thing

That nothing holds form
And free will, should be without
Responsibility and a sense of order.

Each day a pillar of conscience dies
And with it all that holds relevance,
Left with empty shelves

With pretence of their essence,
Politics of the self-interest stands
As the only principle so great to adore

And everything else is fluid
Shifting chasing the tied of greed
Looting is respected as wealth to have

Fear and loafing, as the norm
Debauchery and opulence.
In the highest order

Innocense is dead in the adolescent
And the old are shameless
In today's society

Good and evil are no longer
So well defined, to choose from
In a blood thirsty state of being

In the 21st century we became fools
And repeated all the mistakes
Our forefathers did.

This is the rant of conscience
It will be received as a rant
For conscience is now just but a rant

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