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Saturday, 2 July 2016

A Love Poem

The enemy within, gives credence 
To modern day warfare and conflicts 
Suicide and Plane bombing as the norm 

Hostages taken with no intent for dialogue 
Women and children are not to be excused 
No safe passage for the vulnerable 

Rather as the prime target 
Children most wanted as toy soldiers 
More efficient on the battle field 

Conflicted ideologies enforced with fantasy 
Shifting sands of tolerance, 
No safe haven for victory parade 

Tits for tats, like two kids on a play ground 
Getting nastier to each other 
From a pinch to a punch 

Knifes and guns on display for options 
Make it to the next stage 
And it is yours to have 

Enemy combatants hard to define, 
Innocent ones infested like "shaun of the dead" Becoming deadlier to one's they cared so much for

Brothers slitting the throats of brothers 
No blood so thick, thicker than water 
The river is already full of it 

Relevance of names stood for, changing so fast
You would think the brand and advertising agents Are on speed, popping pills like it is a rainy day

Competing legacies of
Who has the most insane mind
And there is no sage

For even civilisation is to be blamed
The most with hypocrisy and double standards Back biting and racism

So rotten now, the pretend wisdoms
Fights openly on the roads and in the gutters
Out doing the worst from the insane asylum

And then I am asked
Why I do not often write love poems
Blue skies and red roses

Is it just to dumb down reality,
What would the point be,
Society needs awakening not more illusion

To know they are giving consent
And not to play ignorance
With a finger on an atomic bomb 

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