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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Jay Z "Story of O.J" 4:44

Is Jay Z still on some "O.J story"?
 Ask Jay Z,  ask , ask Jay Z, 
Ask Jay Z, ask ask Jay Z

He said it, brought it up on tunes as the "Businessman" not a "Business man", 
so lets discuss at 4:44,  16 minutes to 5 guess before the close of the 9 to 5 modern day slave, working shift.

 And there is, always a string behind the curtains of Black success in America; states, be it in music, sports or any other  you take
You can't make these tunes, music and diss the hands that feeds you, you can't make this up

And if you do, that means they allowed you to and if they allow you to, then it is forever worse than not saying anything at all, because it is just self mockery, than anything at all

Just saying, no Black man or woman is ever successful, unless and until with their success story, they embrace Africa with pilgrimage and pride, visiting the place and championing its cause, waking up in it's arms

Ask a Jewish man why, why why why

This is the difference between the greats of yesterday and the prop shows " dollar weight, paper weight, weighted average, feather weight, secret societies ILT" of today.

Ask where was Colin Rand Kaepernick on the 4th of July?

Ask what society Jigga man belongs to, where does his loyalty lie? Hova over

Is Jay Z still on some O.J story, preaching on self mockery? Making signs and symbols with the eye and hands, meaning lost to the crowd, on some subliminal shit?

So do tell Jigga, are we still on the "Businessman" 4:44 platinum sold, juice for your conscience or we talking real talk on an O.J story.

Calling roll call at 4:44 just 16 minutes to freedom, on modern day slavery, calling out sleep walkers and the sharp ones who is still awake

Kanye, Future, Eric Benet, O.J Simpson, Bill Cosby.....37 in all and counting


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