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Monday, 3 July 2017

Cold Calling God

We don't pick all phone calls, we don't answer all door knocks, a poor man's wisdom means nothing to  a rich man's problem. How come if you knew better than best, please zip it, disturbing the peace.

But when God speaks it is bible, same wisdom  but we will swear by it's authentecity.

My priest replaced his color with suit and now we talking corporate, CEO levels, balancing the books, its money game and fortune favours the fool, who is richer, let me monitise my words and watch my bank balance get fat.

Confessions name changed to consultation f**k it, am charging to sit and listen to your bullshit, am charging. Cry babies needing a shrink, but acting cheap to pay the counselor, the golden word is "attack" and that gives me keys to your house and cars, signature on an open cheque. I am charging, call me Lutterodt, qualifications and certifications not needed. I am charging call me Lutterodt, I am charging

My mum stopped me, I was that close to build a cash cow and name it "Believers Shall Prosper". She said "Son, you will become a target, its a spiritual warfare" fair enough, but for now I agreed to keep it on poetry and philosophy, am still holding that card for when I get desperate. I will put on my suit and charge to consult.

God laughs when he looks down "seriously all this in my name?" I never choose you, called you, or anointed you, to speak on my behalf; half the things you say never came from me. You are  annoying me. Now where is my lawyer's number? I have poachers on my land acting like land guards (self appointed)". judgement day is too long to wait and deal with this.

We do not allow randomness to put thier hands on us in prayers, we don't say amen to any and all cold call sales men. We don't listen to negative false prophecy. We only pray, say a little prayer for yourself; amen, yes we only pray, say a little prayer for yourself; amen. #poetry #philosophy #culture

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