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Friday, 30 October 2009

Asked and Answered

Hours spent 
In front of the mirror
Mascara for special effect

On that eye, that eye
Needs to be worked on
And when she is asked

"The question"..

The question, for which
She feels, in need to protect
"False" perception of a good home

Answers that follows;,
"I walked into a door"
She says

'When did you become
So injury prone'
Friends wander, knowing

But not wanting to know
'Poking my nose, into foreign waters

Not my thing, my style, my want to know'

Silent of the frank, in questions
"She never asked, not really though"
Desperate eyes, cry in whisper

Just one more push
And I will tell, I want to tell
Please; in silent cry

Just ask, as in frank,
Frankly to be truthful.
But words go silent,

With a look of wander
After all
The question was asked
And an answer given
In asked and answered


  1. interesting take on a very powerful topic.

  2. Very powerful take on a growing issue. Nicely written =)


  3. A stillness that can't be loud enough, people to become able to hear, finally.

    A good new week.

    daily athens

  4. Very well written, on a rivetting topic. So true, people ask but dont really want to know, easier not to know.........we have to be unafraid to reach out and offer some help. Well done.

  5. I could hear you.. Have always been keen to know..for I am always keen to tell too.. liked your take..

  6. First time on your blog.. Following you from the time I read this awesome poem.. Powerful take on the theme.. Great write..

    --Someone is Special--


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