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Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Framed Leaf

Who is Murphy but to have made a law 
That stands, that says in sayings 

Everything that can go wrong 
Will go wrong at a point 

Simple says by nature 
Simple says by nature

A leaf would dry out, at a point, at a point 
And break bond with the branch that holds 

Gravity will drag such leaf to the ground 
All that starts well, ends well at a point 

Intention are as dreams are made "Good Faith"
Good faith as a continues quantum of belief 

Murphy says between the leaf living the branch 
And reaching the ground, a wind would blow 

The wind would carry the leaf to yards away 
A man would come along and pick the leaf 

Taking it a few more yards, kilometres, miles away 
It final resting place, still undefined yet 

But at this point a question is asked, at a point 
How did the leaf from the tree branch, get this far 

Who is Murphy but to have made a law that states  
Everything that can go wrong would go wrong 

To get you to this very moment in time 
This place, this act, this opportunity to have 

Picture from: http://www.bynaturegallery.com/Natural-Leaf-Art-Chinese-Pistache-Pecan-Frame-24x36.html
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  1. I love the reflections you have penned on this theme....the journey of a leaf - as our lives - so apparently random, and yet destined. Loved this.

  2. We are so like the leaf--beautiful and introspective write

  3. beautiful...sometimes wrong isn't, it is simply an unexpected turn of events...or a leaf landing softly in just the RIGHT spot.


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