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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Flying Out Of The Nest

Imploding concepts of internal turmoil 
As to the saying that stands, that goes 
Fighting one's own demons "fair fight not"

Cross roads are perpetual obstacles we have to face 
Decisions and choices all with their own inclined 
Small print of reasoning being that a justification is included 

So for the force-able future, that is just a given 
Customarily a grace period is ushered, as grace 
As ways to ease one in, into a role played "capulet oh thy Romeo" 

A manual then; the fools guide to indie rock 
As thus this is, to cover the basics, holding hands 
Past that eventuality "safety nets", you would have to rely 

On instinct and hope they are right 
Life lessons teaches as to live with 
The blown out fuse, as experiences gained 

When at that point the small print becomes 
So vividly clear, salvage brushes off, dirty on cloths 
Bruises as accolades to testament of  time 

And we walk on by
Walk on by, walk on by 
And we walk on by 

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