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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Summer Night Dream

Most mammals in the sea are from the dream world 
Most dreams are of sea blue in dream state 
Psychedelic  illusions and slow moving creatures 

Mountains and hills, valleys with under current
Trees and rivers swinging on the waves 
In my dream I saw blue men with posture 

They moved slow and with lucid grace 
They pondered with arms to their chin hold 
Lamenting of yesterday, they held an aura of mystic 

Most days at summer night with the moon blue 
All just seems like the dream world of the seas  
When everything familiar becomes so alien 

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  1. Lovely dreaminess...I had the blue moon in mind when I chose this image...very nice...

  2. Your words float through the poem the same way the images float across the canvas of the painting, Kodjo. Like Tess, I love the dreamy feeling you have crafted. Expressively gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! =D

  3. Your poem makes me feel like it's a blue moon, lifting itself up from a dream!


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