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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A Heart Driven Dream

The standard constant is only given in paradigm 
Subject to change as evolution
Of the process, mutant gene 

Who would be the King Arthur 
To pull Excalibur's sword from the rock 
That holds this status strong as the norm 

I dare you to be different, to act different 
To think different to be a rebel
Against tradition's strong hold 

Though many a man would try and have a go 
On promises of wealth  or be it the princesses hand 
To wed, many a fool would try as foolish do 

Many on stampede that excite to compete 
So do be brave, me old son, do be brave 
On noble grounds, as such hearts are sure 

Sure to rekindle the lights of gods
That sit quite within  you
And be this a calling, a true calling 

As one embarks on this voyage to settle 
The hungered soul awakened by 
Honours yearning call. A heart driven dream  

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