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Thursday, 27 December 2012

The End of Time

Another voice heard out from the box bellowing 
News media, another breaking news to follow 

News flash, heightened reviews  
Sound bites, every second that follows 

The cloud cover lost its greyness, blue sky 
It is all raining red, sky fall 

Meteorites falling out of the sky 
Rainbows fading in colour 

Panic buttons pressed on repeat 
Food hoarders out in force 

Guns loaded and packed with intent 
Do not call a man's bluff in anarchy  

Without a casket measured to fit 
Made by the undertaker just for you 

Own all, sell all, frantic markets, last request 
What rooms do pretenders have in these times 

Newsflash, I heard you came through the back door 
And your room is all packed up, lets have a toast then 

The fire place seems the only ground of refuge 
Not for escape, relief, but for the waited time 

Lets have a toast then, a toast  
Lets have a toast for the end times 
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