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Monday, 31 December 2012

Coming of age

I will sweat more in this new dawn  
Climb higher, with each step taken 

Fill my palms with blisters I welcome 
Find steps in my dreams layer 

And bring to life such magic hold 
I will give skeletons their flesh 

Give footpaths their shape 
And live to my potential 

I will grow wings so colourful 
Bend my knees and fly off platforms 

I will see the moon and plant my flag 
I will come of age this dawn  


  1. fill those palms with blisters man...it shows you are willing to work for it...smiles....happy new year man....good to see you...been a while...

  2. Good luck! I like those palms with blisters. K.

  3. Love those blistered palms too! Thanks. k.

  4. I LIKE this! Great mindset.

  5. Find steps in my dreams layer
    ... yes, one step at a time... always growing, changing, moving.


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