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Sunday, 24 February 2013

As a sculpture

Doors and drawers as gate ways  
Into worlds with options 

I would shut my eyes to 
Keep from seeing as baring witness 

My mind would opt out from partaking 
A phrase set as escape clause 

Strings hold life like puppet play 
Attached to the handle of the drawer's grip 

And for each pull as command 
The status of I, move as puppet play 

I am as, Leonardo Da Vinci carved me 
Waiting on God to breathe life in me 

I am as surrealism from your imagination 
Drawn up by Salvador Dali  in dream state

Yet as I stand as empty drawers 
All t' pass folded and unfolded, are left en-trigged 

Sigmund Freud left sat perplexed 
Looking for my childhood story to define me 

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  1. Clever, I love the end with reference to Freud.

  2. Excellent... I like the reference to Freud, too. It adds a whole new spin.

  3. excellent- I too enjoyed bumping into Freud!

  4. Perfect....love the ending reference to Freud.

  5. Very nice indeed, and I like the added reflections of others.

  6. Beautifully written and as a one in the mental health field, I enjoyed the Freudian shout out.


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