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Sunday, 3 February 2013

The bank of books

Books stocked, packed on shelves
Each word written by a beautiful mind 

Some as rich as the value of  true wealth 
Some as rare as the sight of a red emerald  

Some as records of events that was   
Some as fiction and some as law 

Some as print media dated 18 something 
Some before the time of the industrial age 

Some on sheepskin rolled round as scrolls  
Some for kids, poetry and music books   

Some by Darwin about the evolution of nature 
Some by Einstein on the theory of relativity 

Some by Shakespeare, said of Othello  
Some by  Wordsworth and some by Victor Hugo

This is the house the bank of books 
Where all of knowledge is kept stacked on shelves 
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  1. The only reason I am regularly drawn away from the forest to a big city is to stand in a library in awe.

  2. I like this,it's beauutiful!This piece is pack full of powerful words. #IMO

  3. The bank of books - exactly. Well expressed...

  4. a bank of books...a wealth of knowledge available to all...lovely write! and I like all the links you added

  5. Well thought out and delivered. Nice.
    McGuffy's Reader

  6. Stacked on shelves, removed, read, replaced... or for naught. I love this.

  7. the book bank with vaults of wisdom!


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