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Monday, 4 February 2013

Protest Song; The change of guard

Has humanity made t' world less fun to play 
Do the trees chatter loud in protest songs 

Encouraged by the winds that blow  
With banner flags and protest songs 

With stones thrown to overthrow tyrants 
Burning effigies as ritual to the cause 

Has man made the world less fun to play 
Neighborly words shared by the others 

Species wandering if we as human 
Are more parasitic in being, to hunt 

Cannibalistic in emotions, to bully the weak 
Watching our young ones decline in dejection  

Quenching the internal light that enshrines joy 
Set deep in our core, blowing cold, cold and mean 

Has humanity made the world less fun to play 
Do the trees chatter loud in protest songs 
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  1. I surely think they do, we need controlling and quickly

  2. Perhaps humanity has made the world less fun to play but I love the nutrality of the trees and rocks and all of nature. That's why they give us the same peace no matter what our leanings are. Love this poem and the thoughts it produces. Very unique work that has the mind reaching.

  3. The repition is great. The theme is hard--still it we should all consider this poems meaning. Because the course can be altered.


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