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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Being whole is frowned upon

Being whole is frowned upon 
Like the sun showing its face 

To winter at dawn post-mature 
Staying late, until dusk  

A deal is a deal, let no man 
Enter the tavern tea-totaller 

Defeating the objective stand 
Of the  establishments' order 

I would have expected more 
From the priest, holy, holy oh thy holy 

But in times as these the dog colour
Comes off and in a sea of people 

On stampede of rage as free fall 
It is hard to tell who would notice 

The cliff before all goes tumbling down 
Let us all die blind, save your virtue   

Keep your innocence from view 
Being whole is frowned upon 


  1. Such cutting prose, so well done.

  2. Oh, this resonates with me.
    It is hard to be whole these days!
    Magic in these words and a reminded!~

  3. This reminds me of some people who are open and kind when you have sadness but don't they can't rejoice with you. I enjoyed reading this aloud just for word sake.

  4. As I read I hoped that you'd repeat the first line as the last, and you did! Wonderful construction.

  5. this is why I am so happy to follow your blog this is outstanding work, no not work creativity. "A deal is a deal, let no man Enter the tavern tea-totaller " fabulous ambiance!


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