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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Lady luck

What happens to the gate keeper
If he looses the key 

Do we queue in wait 
Hoping he would find his senses 

And remember where he was 
Last standing before amnesia 

What happens to the time line 
As credit on a given mark 

To be honoured before 
The close of day by this day 

Do we put up tents, burning old firewood 
And camp for the night 

Hoping lady luck 
Would show her face and honour 

Honour our patience 
With accolades reciting stories of our deeds 

I found love in the middle of a storm 
And this was a price worth paying 

Something borrowed 
A heart that was once captured 

Something blue, as blue 
Something new, as new 

A six pence in your shoe 
I found love in the old woods 

Where we laid our tent 
And forgot we planted fruitful trees 

Forget about the gate keeper 
Forget about him loosing the keys 

We found another way in 
Lady luck came dressed as love 

Blowing her flute 
She opened doors with her breeze 


  1. Lovely - I especially enjoyed the latter part of the poem from something borrowed

  2. cool on finding another way....some doors open easily when it is their time...without a key and without us doing something...

  3. oretty cool how you blended in that old saying...and finding a new way, not a bad thing at all...its pretty cool that even in the midst of the storm you can find love...it pops up in the most unusual places at times....

  4. Very nice progression.. So nice when we can forget about the keys

  5. Quite beautiful Kodjo - in fact, very beautiful.
    Anna :o]

  6. I believe we are the keepers of our own gates...we can choose whether doors open or close at will. I love your tale of finding love and how Lady Luck blew open the doors.

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  8. This is a wonderful poem. It possesses a certain fullness and sense of emotional completion.

  9. very nice piece of writing.

  10. Who needs keys when you have a flute? After all, it is one of the oldest known instruments … :)


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