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Thursday, 16 January 2014

My Family Tree

I am a product of my family tree 
Long from the roots, but yet so near  

With branches that spread 
And swings in the winds  

I am warm and friendly 
I am as cold as ice, dead men have humour  

A complex conundrum 
A joy to the shrink when I visit 

Then he is left confused 
After my visit, needing to unthink 

I am rigid, hard as a bone I would not bend 
I am soft, squishy as a sponge 

I am free spirited, free as a bird 
Nothing you say would bother me 

I am so self conscious 
Looking from mirrors reflection seeing blemish 

Don't blame me 
I am a product of my family tree 

The wind blows my branches 
And I swing with the winds 

1 comment:

  1. __Kodjo... a humble senryu echo I leave here... in complement to your poetic thought. [Meaning we, then, share the same soil and needs.]

    family tree
    roots meet in this common earth
    the same need

    __Sincerely. _m


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