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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Rage against the machine

My working days, always start
Starts with an upset

Truth be told, as things stand
I have been denied a sleep, I am upset

Not that I am lazy, or lazy be me
Be it to some extent, granted

Alarm clocks with post beds positions
Given authority and responsibility

To order me out of bed, "sergeant major"
With yell, snooze is a brief compromise

Restbite, just before another yell so loud
An edge to strangle, this voice pronounce

To drag me screaming out of this comfort sleep
"Boy! go and earn your keep, the farm awaits"  

Who thought to give, such an audacious call  
To a mechanised nuisance, tic toc loud in my ears

To think the terminator is of fiction make
While unknowingly being a slave to the machine

My working day always starts with an upset
A revulotion, a fight against the machine

A rage against the machine
Rabia contra la ma'quina



  1. Time as our keeper, for we cannot keep time...it just keeps marching on.

  2. Ha. I like your rage. I'm no longer enraged by the machine, I'm enraged by my dogs who wake me up much too early. But, it's true. It's enraging to be awakened by something loud and disturbing. It makes for a bad beginning to a day.

  3. An early morning person who never uses an alarm clock, (I just tell myself at bedtime what time I want to awaken and I do.) I giggled and the voice of righteous indignation. You definitely convey your outrage at the daily intrusion.

  4. Great rant against every working (wo)man's nemesis - the ringing alarm.I enjoyed this!

  5. I agree... the alarm clock does expect complicity and obedience... I wish I could awaken without its push, but usually my body desires to sleep in just a bit longer... so for me, it's a necessary evil.


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