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Thursday, 8 November 2012

When Angels Fall Melcom

Just as we learn to 
Open our eyes from birth 

Just as we learn to crawl moving 
To find the sofa legs making our first stands 

Just as we learn to walk 
A' make our way out from mother's nest 

Just as far as we can to achieve 
We learn to run on our feet 

We learn to love, falling in love 
Just as we learn to laugh 

We learn to cry, shedding tears 
Just as sorrow overwhelms our heart 

We learn to leave with the aftermath 
Just when tragedy knocks and earth angels fall

We say a prayer for such departed souls, closed eyes 
Just for the heavens to embrace them home again 

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  1. solemn...
    a beautiful poem about something horrible

  2. The second verse, about finding sofa legs, was fantastic. The theme of how different developments coincide with each other was poignantly displayed throughout the piece. Nicely done.

  3. You have written such a beautiful poem!

  4. "We learn to leave with the aftermath
    Just when tragedy knocks and earth angels fall." Loved these line...nicely crafted :)

    Visit my blog @ another part of me

  5. Very sad poem, but the tone really went well with the comparison added in.

  6. exquisitely written, thank you. I hope you will join me and many others by participating in the gratitude quilt this year... there is info about what this project is and how to be part of it at the top of my blog.


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