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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Peace In My Soul

Granted when I put my head down 
To sleep in the cloud's pillow, soft 
And my soul opens up to feed on rest 

I am always now at peace, granted 
Though the dark clouds hover above 
And the sea with its temperament engage  

To rock my boat with white knuckles 
To show zeal as fuel required, tested, granted 
Call it my boarding pass, to reach the shores 

And make it my passage path compass 
With lighthouse drawn, granted 
Though I am far from the shores to engage 

My feet to its soil, sea sand on my feet 
My soul is now with peace, granted 
For I know what directions to head 


  1. Did you mean "head" in the final line? I love the thought of feet in sand, the sound of the sea, and the peace it grants us. Lovely.

  2. beautiful! When you find that peaceful feeling, knowing which direction to head, always feels so good!


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