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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Rescuing Birds At Sea

To rescue a bird out at sea
With battered flickering wings apart 

Loosing bright announce flamboyant colours 

Anchored with weights to strangle such rejoice 

And high winds with strong push 

And high waves that threatens pull 

Each with their own intentions

In knowing better than recipient 

That which is best for fulfilment  

In one's paradigm of identity 

Aqua and oxygen can not be sidelined 

If for life and breath to be lived in union 

Complexity entangled with notions drawn 

As with society, religion and family engaged to 

Would these candle lights, blow out on winds 

Just before bright the stars that it is made of  heals 

To rescue a bird out at sea

With battered flickering wings that hang 


  1. there is awesome imagery in your words...

  2. Beautiful words--especially love the refrain and "aqua and oxygen cannot be sidelined" Really enjoyed this :-)

  3. It is often a struggle, to rescue in the treacherous ocean of life.


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