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Friday, 23 November 2012

Rotten Apples

Coconuts come in all shapes and sizes
Regardless of which season we fall in, notions  

Tempers flare and characters get animated 
A few gate keepers get excited, reasons 

Weights get thrown in, like fuel on rage 
Swords drawn; first blood crusade, choices   

Sides taken, are not always that clear cut 
Sheep in wolves' skin, wolves in sheep's skin, gains  

Anyone with a special interest, wanting to impress 
Vested in their own insecurity, to step on another 

Know this, in the King's kingdom 
The foot soldiers are known to bark the loudest 

Nameless to the King, like a chiwawa with threats 
Hooked high on rabies, barking mad  

Nutters disturbing the peace  
Announcing their valueless worth 

It is rather unfortunate, in this regard 
To find we came from the same valley 


  1. "Vested in their own insecurity," love this... and in truth we ALL come from the same valley... the valley of humanity. Well done!

  2. " Sides taken, are not always that clear cut
    Sheep in wolves' skin, wolves in sheep's skin

    So often these days in politics what you see is not what you get! Enjoyed reading your poem, Kodjo.

  3. I love your closing line: "To find we came from the same valley." Makes me ask what we are all fighting for.

  4. This is wonderfully expressed! And I agree with Libby, your closing line says it all!

  5. Your piece is thought provoking. And beautifully done!


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