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Friday, 4 October 2013

Dirty Games, Dirty Dance

Dirty games and dirty dancing, broken vases a, broken wisdom 
Is us celebrating, celebrity mediocre as fine tune 
And putting that on a mantle piece, Yes Sir !

Content hallow in the world of consumerism 
Flash light, nothing last, nothing holds form 
Nothing is built to last on this hype 

Rushed through all in no time 
No time for analysis, void in making meaning of 
Factory belt sat on, moving motion passes by  

In goes out comes a rabbit on heat speed fast vibration 
A process defined with no added value, its battery powered 
Its sensation sexuality sexualization wealth and arrogance 

Hard to tell who is with wisdom among the crowd 
Camouflage keep that unannounced, trainspotters hallucinating 
Awareness is looking at one's self in the day after a hangover, it is not done 

At night we all come out like vampires with thirst 
Dress as the same, liquor fuels our agenda 
Hard to differentiate the politician from the reverend  

The prostitute services them all  at the same time 
And she is owed by both for non payment on tabs 
Still they think it is right to ask for discount 

 On account Miley Cyrus and Micheal Jackson are frowned upon 
But again the good die young so why not switch 
In this crazed world we live in, one learns to adopt  

Honesty is laying it bare, it is an art form of exhibitionist 
Going naked is a protest by FEMEN activist 
Yet the eyes are all engaged, gulled, perverting 

Quick now, how they jump out of the wood works  
First with stones, dirty hands and hypocrisy, cleaning mouths 
With false self-conscience on misdirected attacks 

Dirty games and dirty dancing, scarce morality 
Who would grace this floor first 
The music is in play 


  1. ...no one dies clean (for sure) in this world, by nature, occupied by many dirty minds with dirty intentions... a loaded piece any moment will explode wide... smiles..

  2. You captured well the world of consumerism we live in and it is indeed hard to tell "who is wisdom" if we do not take the time to pause.

  3. If humans could understand all this and realise that except good will nothing is eternal than this world will be much better to live.

  4. "false self-conscience" - and a high paid job, giving the wrong sense of self worth. a bit problem.

  5. It is a powerful commentary on aspects of life. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Ah, I agree....sometimes it is hard to tell who is with wisdom among the crowd. Sometimes it is not who we think!! And I like the last stanza, thinking of who will get out on the dance floor first. I enjoyed this, Kodjo, and I could hear it being read aloud.

  7. WOW, this is a powerful look at today's society. Nothing built to last, minimal mores.......such a strobg write, Kodjo!

  8. Very powerfully written and intense. Well done!

  9. I feel the passion start in your first stanza and crescendo at the end. A frenzied dirty dance indeed dance
    Nicely done Kodjo


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