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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Trotro Stories #12 slap the mate

We stopped in the middle of the road
No hard shoulders to call safe grounds

Non empty that passed by
You see this situation could have been avoided 

If I listened to my instinct  
And the strange noise from the trotro 

Just before it moved 
Mate, stop, stop I dropped something 

Could have got me out of this 
Predicament and to a place on route 

Close to home now 
No AA or RAC to call for assistant 

Bells of frustration rang 
By the passengers, gathering weight 

Something would have to give 
And that is the mate calculating 

How much to charge us 
Customer service in the trotro 

He would get a slap 
It is just a matter of time 

Too many hands are being thrown 
In the air right now, he would get a slap 

I just see it coming, a slap is called for 
He would get a slap, for sure 

1 comment:

  1. With your words, I can imagine your experience.


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