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Friday, 18 October 2013

Life and plans don't mix

I have been running 
For so long now on treadmills  
It seems I have long forgotten 
Why I started running in the first place 

They say life is what happens
Outside the plans we make 
It waits for no man "pull your weight up son"
To get his house in order 

It  is more like, build as you go, clean as you go 
But don't forget to lift the carpet up 
Every now and then for spring cleaning 
A few skeletons piling up, weighing us all down 

Half way the game changes not like predicted seasons 
Never at the finish line as we expect 
To start as new, a fresh page of conundrums 
All woven into each other finely abstract and entwined 

And life just keeps happening tic toc 
John Lennon knew best with wisdom 
Guess that made him a lucky man 
To have had the realization, awakening call 

An understanding on the meaning of life 
Life is what happens when you go making plans 
Saving the world and exposing the pretentious 
And just in a blink of an eye he got shot,  dead and no more  

I read somewhere a list of five things 
Most people say they regret on their death beds  
And sat down to stock take and ponder  
A true check list, avenue to compare with  

No man lived wiser and spoke with sincerity  
Said the ultimate truth without prejudice or falseness  
Than a dying man with last breaths 
To call his own nothing to lose of this worldly desire

No hold backs
For game change
In last cards played 

The five list of regrets on death beds given by a nurse to compare with 
1. I wish  I had the courage to live a true life to myself, not the life others expected of me
2. I wish I didn't work so hard
3.I wish I did have the courage to express my feelings
4.I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends
5. I wish that I had let myself be happier


  1. To start as new, a fresh page of conundrums
    All woven into each other finely abstract and entwined

    There's so much truth here. Such realism.... What a beautiful poem...

  2. No-one, but no-one, lies on their deathbed and wishes they had worked more overtime.

  3. such wise words! really enjoyed reading this.

  4. This is a poem that makes me pause, think and resolve to lift the carpet under my feet and clean it up. Very powerfully written.

  5. nice...you caught me with the opening lines....as i def feel that burn of the treadmill at times...lennon def was in tune...and i dont want to have to live with those regrets...or even die with them......

  6. hmm... i wish i didn't work so hard.. can say it now already. ;) love the last verse.. how life can just slip by...

  7. sometimes you wonder where it all went... great poem that I can relate to...

  8. Oh Kodjo, truer words were never written. The 5 things are absolutely right!!!!! Especially living the life "others expected of me". I adore John Lennon, loved finding him in your poem. Great write! Happy Sunday!

  9. He was onto something, wasn't he? John Lennon... Yes, you've got me thinking too with your insightful, probing poem

  10. Nice, how this poem leads to self reflection. I felt the tragedy of Lennon's death and doubt he had much to regret. He lived each moment so fully. And I? I take this in as food for thought.

  11. That's life for us. It better to live everyday like the last and get fulfilled of things that interest us! Love the 2 opening stanzas of this poem so much

  12. That's life for us.... Its appears according to how it pleases it... Its better to enjoy life and get fulfilled of our living it!

  13. Definitely made me think about my life. Thanks

  14. Back for another read from the Pantry and got even more out of it this time. The bad news is, in old age, sometimes we are STILL learning a lot of this stuff. Sorry , kiddo!


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