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Friday, 4 October 2013

The last laugh

There are no right or wrong answers in this realm 
Don't be fooled, the world is too complex 
For such simplicity and claims of utopia 

It is always with a plus or minus 
To a significant figure room for variance 
Never an exact science 

The good will die young at this rate 
Preaching with novice ideologies 
Making disturbed noise, sounds to wake the beast 

Life is largely grey and in varied shades 
There are only consequences as price to pay 
IOU will be paid, no debt collector forgives a debt 

The good the bad the ugly is you 
Looking in the mirror, at yourself  
Thus me myself and I, as a school of thought 

Speak no evil (the good) 
See no evil (the bad) 
Hear no evil (the ugly) 

In all things, in all things just be aware 
Of the price and be prepared to pay 
As per consequence demand, no excuses 

Do  not nag about it and bore the rest 
Waiting in line to take up the baton 
It would be foolish to do so, angering the gods 

This is the definition of adulthood, life. 
Set out clear, without any pretty colors
Covering the realities of battle grounds 

In the end, time makes all things irrelevant 
Ask the dead about their wealth 
And see who has the last laugh

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