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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Kecskemet silent winds

We met on paths of entangled strings 
Where light zooms past time in passing 
Where humanity go to wonder 
And travelers, travel to distance lands  

Beneath the sea bed lines lie 
Sat invisible so like magic with waves 
We got tagged like paper clips attached 
Finding common grounds to stand 

From our past journeys 
We were drawn together  as one 
We romanced, and sought to make plans 
Friends came to add to the root of this tree 

To strengthen our ties 
We became family  
Not ceremonial on alters 
With exchange of vows 

But by association we became one 
To be called family as so under one nest 
A spark with love we had as bond 
A single bed we shared as home 

Then it was all gone like a bad dream 
Nightmare of what we fought on, confused me 
Entangled waves to third parties and stories told   
And their sides to consider weighing us all down 

I once loved you my dear and wrote 
Many a love poems to celebrate you 
But it was never enough though, that love 
We shattered this vase of romance together, wars 

Strangers now refusing to love each other ever again 
My pen bleeds dark words when I try to celebrate you
When I try to write you a love poem like old times 
So this would be my last poem  for old time sake 

We met in tagged entangled waves with sparks 
And left in entangled twisted emotions in lost worlds  
When the light the light that promised to 
Shine everlasting went out of breath 

The magic went out 
Romance went out 
Our love went out 
Just silent winds remind like ghostly whispers 


  1. hard when you reach those last words to them...and the love is gone...and bang the rocks as much as you want, it just wont spark....

  2. A sad state when the last love poem is written.. and gone is what was once pure and simple...

  3. How sad, love is gone...this hit me right in the heart.

    Beautifully sad and well written poem.

  4. Sometimes a painful end signals a new beginning! Lovely poem!


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