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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Bridges of Spiritualism

Religion as the bridge into spiritualism  
Two landmass and a river between 
A side we live-in another we aspire to connect to 
Religion is the bridge to cross on this river course 
Of which different architect, forms, design and make 

Some as wooden curved structures that stand 
Some as metal elaborate in design
Some as concrete firm and wide
Others with boats to sail across these aqua stand

Yet still on this river in parts where depths so shallow
One can venture a foot long, walk through
And yet to cross this river a sense of faith
As steps is required, do you believe 

For one cannot see in clear view 
Unto the banks of the river with all the 
Fog around and the winds that blow 
Threatening to throw one overboard 

It is so required for a medium to be picked 
In crossing over but do not swear to the bridge 
For it is only but a bridge, do not worship its stands 
And the men and women tasked to hold its grounds (special interest)

For it is not as the value 
Of the river bank on the other side 
Just the passage, where no one can 
Find divine awakening 

As it stand these bridges being of human make
Changes are made, as some required and some influenced
To modify these bridges, each care taker, gate keeper
And the tweaking changes they make to fit their notions  

As with familiarity, locality and proximity
We do patronize a given bridge of cause we do 
Though from time to time we question its integrity  
We find a need to use others when we come across them 

But do not worship any given bridge 
Nor the men that are tasked to hold guard
Appreciate it stands, as a passage path 
Knowing that once you cross any given bridge 
You will land on the banks of spiritualism 

Awareness, meditation, faith and prayers
Are currencies the gate keepers accept 
Evidence as a reflection of thy will
To cross their bridge you have to believe its hold 

Know each bridge, has culture and norms
And one has to obey them as allowance and respect
But do not become fanatic to the norms
And hold as true as the one and only course
Religion is the bridge over the river

Bridging t' gap between the mortal and spiritual world 
We wake, we have faith, we pray 
And walk the bridged road into 
A spiritual awakening 
On which bridge do you walk 

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