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Saturday, 10 May 2014

The cries of mother

What a cold night, the smell of fear fills the air,
Even those afar off, sleep and stare,
Staying alert, watching out, ready to flee like a hare
Its a problem we all can't help but share.

The cries of mothers filling the streets,
Even the fathers have decided not to sit,
Our brothers are contributing their bits,
Our sisters we want to rescue from the evil pit

The evil ones with us have taken residence,
Their barbaric and destructive acts are now prevalent,
Further mishaps we are unable to prevent,
And so many lives everyday, we continually spend.

How much do we have to pay for their freedom,
How many souls to redeem our lost kingdom,
Or we are unconsciously treading the path of Sodom,
How we so pray for a miracle our way to come.

Suddenly the world is attentive to our plight,
To assist us they get on the next flight,
Their strength to combine with our might,
And together we will the enemy fight.

The blood of our girls  is to high a cost,
To redeem a cause we consider lost,
Dear Lord, please save us from this hell 
We pray you help #bringbackourgirls

Thank you,
John kuforiji

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