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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Sleeping next to me

I have been wrong before 
For so long, so long with excitement 
Kiss the girl and make her smile 
Kiss the girl and make her cry 

Names of list, long and lost 
Like the ghost of Christmas past 
Many rich memories that haunt  
Many the dreams we had 

I changed clothes 
And chapters followed next pages  
Love is no longer with the same face 
Names that change, then we are gone 

See you tomorrow 
Good luck, says bye bye in few words 
War seems the right mood 
With daggers drawn, sharp to dig 

Cross roads, then we are gone again 
Nostalgia, parallel universe, love in a storm
Maybe next time I will get it right 
But right feels wrong like a cold death 

And wrong sparks with excitement 
An incomplete rubric cube 
Perfect before completion 
Giving us something to do, creation 

But now a days, I feel 
Like hanging my coat 
A complete puzzle I am not 
So how do I find the balance 

To still maintain 
Sparks on this fire of adventure
Add fuel to its burn, to warm hearts
Flipping through chapters, suspense 

The ghosts know how to haunt 
The skeleton protesting in the cupboard 
Holding a grudge, fighting with memory 
Three dimensional universe 

What happens to the main character 
In the end in the quietest of time of the night 
The world feels lonely and cold 
Without someone  dear sleeping next to me 

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