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Thursday, 22 May 2014

The money issue; how rich are you

What is money
First put yours away 
Before I succeed in talking you 
Out of it, I might just do that, succeed  

What is money  
Such role play that stems as blood 
Running through our veins in capitalism 
Green eye monsters as slaves to its cause 

What is the value of money 
How do we define money 
Wealth as a subject of money, money. money 
What would you do for money, money, money 

Old friends some as new 
But all the same, made this acclamation 
I would give everything away for money 
For what is happiness without wealth and glamour 

So I ask, what is money, what is money 
Money, money, money 
Its a rich man's world they say
They sing and throw feast to celebrate 

Money is the compensation 
Event for time spent my time bought 
Anything worth our time in value 
We do not get compensated for, we get rewarded with 

Love, family, friendship 
And the list goes on and on and on 
For value is defined as essence 
And money has no essence only as a prelude  

If I am to break up a relationship
Friendship or for love any that matters 
The worse aspect always to me 
Is the time spent in making the memories 

Wasted memories. corrupted memories 
If by virtue of the broken chain 
I would have to do without such memories 
Which clogs up my memory banks 

This is why we are never satisfied 
With what we earn, insatiable appetite 
Unless we are passionate about 
What work we do 

And the reward is from that satisfaction 
Money is a compensation event 
Which in itself is a substitute compromise  
As a concession no compromise is as the true value 

Money is a means, through 
Passage path we walk on to journey 
Not an end, a facilitator to open doors  
Not the accomplishment never the accomplishment 

The very rich turn to philanthropy 
To attain a sense of true value 
Not compensated value 
To get that pure joy of soul satisfaction 

What is money again 
It is giving to Caesar what is Caesars 
But knowing Caesar is only getting a share 
After the fact, not as the fact 

Do not be a slave to the money man 
Follow the passion in you with dedication and strive  
And money would come as a by-product 
After the fact, being of Caesar's make 

Wealth and value is not money 
It is the uncompromising experience 
Of reward that satisfies the soul 
How rich are you 

What is money 
First put yours away 
Before I succeed in talking you out of it 
I might just do that succeed 

Mark 8:36 
What good is it for someone 
to gain the world 
yet forfeit his soul 

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