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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Bring back our girls

Were we born blind 
Did the night refuse to break 

Did the night refuse to break 
To see light in day, were we born blind 

Were our wings formed broken, clipped 
So from the bird's nest, birth we could never fly 

Who would we blame pointing fingers 
For the burns on our motherland, this time 

Watching on, as our sisters are rounded up 
Like a herd of cows huddled to be sold 

Who are we to blame for this curse 
That tortures tears from Mother's eyes 

When will we rise and truly take form 
No longer the weak with stories of greatness 

The Kings and Queens of this land as acclaimed 
Yet with cowardly acts, so little bravery bestowed  

Why are we so content with the burden of  pain 
To add to chains of hold back, locked up minds  

Will a hero come out of this land 
Not foreign again as rescuer, to the rescue  

Prepared to sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears 
And be true to the cause, a hero from this land  

Oh mother cries, tears, bring back my girls  
With so many of her daughters stolen 

And yet not a single son, takes stands 
Ready to bring back sanity to this land 

Who would cure the madness that grips this land 
Of false religion and politics and politics 

Sending mother's sons and daughters into 
The depth of insanity and inaction  

I hear mother's cry I feel her pain 
Bring back my girls 

Just bring back my girls  
Bring back my girls 

And I cry, bring back our girls 
Bring back our girls 


  1. oh heck.... the direct speech in the close makes it all the more powerful and intense.... i hope a hero will rise and that things change...it's terrible when a land kills their own children

  2. A very poignant poem, Kodjo. You've wrote your poem in a moving, heart-breaking way. What a horrific situation. I think the whole world is crying, "Bring back our girls."

  3. mmm....nice commentary on the recent incident? bring back our girls indeed...
    ugh...if only we could sure the madness gripping the land...

  4. I think that bears repeating -- kidnapping like that is beyond terrible.. educate and educate...

  5. A stunning poem, for a crime that is so awful, it is very hard to put into words. The first two stanzas work so well, and the last three are perfect as a close.

  6. This is so heart-breaking. The crimes that are committed...just because of the victim's gender...so atrocious.

  7. It's often challenging to write poetry about topical, wrenching events like the abduction of the Nigerian schoolgirls by Boko Haram. The challenge is to walk the line between sentimentality and preachiness. This is a worthy effort. I especially appreciate the repetition of phrases in the first two stanzas. Have you considered writing about this topic in a form that favors repetition, such as a vilanelle or a pantoum? I think the topic would lend itself well to the subject matter.

  8. A wonderful performance piece!

  9. Very heart touching, the pain of a parent .............

  10. there isn't any problem without solution...if a son doesn't rise and no need to rise a Daughter of the land shall and must rise against all brutality..and that day is not far...
    heartbreaking lines....

  11. This is such a powerful piece... well done!

  12. A powerful piece indeed. The close made me very sad.


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