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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Love and the road topsy-turvy

Speed is time over distance traveled 
First past the post 

Behind wheels 
And to be known as a petrol head 

I am going fast, am moving fast 
But caution is always a guide 

To stop when the red light comes up 
Slow at a time on the amber 

But in cases, case study 
When the lights are off 

There is always the traffic cop 
To direct my projection 

That is how it is suppose to be 
For law and order, that is the deal 

Yet on this occasion 
No show, traffic light and the cop 

To be replaced by a drunk 
Junkie on the road directing traffic 

Begging for change for service rendered 
Please Sir, can I have some change please 

A recipe for disaster 
Clash of the tartans 

Metal against metal, topsy-turvy 
Two cars on a collision course 

And I am caught in the middle 
About to become a disaster 

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