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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Farmer and The Hunter Analogy

The hunter and the farmer 
An analogy that serves 
To establish a notion of 
Temporary and permanent stands 

The energy that holds 
A fire in perpetual stay 
Cannot afford to burn as fast 
With such intensity 

That radiates a heightened sense
Of excitement at high peak 
It is only the gods that have that ability 
Apollo Helios as the sun god 

Nothing that good can hold form 
That long, a golden rule 
To be observed 
It stands, it stays 

Casanova would have failed 
Granted, in every relationship 
Past the excitement period, stages 
Running out t' windows has become his norm 

The hunter losses his essence 
Once the meat has all been eaten 
He has to go back hunting 
To remain relevant 

So tell me why should the farmer 
Worry about the hunter 
He's time is always limited 
The farmer and the hunter an analogy 

After all it is the start of farming 
That civilisation of man is drawn on 
It is said 

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