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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo; No religion

I am a cartoonist, an artist 
I am just a guy with a pencil and a paper 

It is not as though 
There is too much salt in the water 

It is as the situation stands 
The whole water is just salt 

There are no religions
There are no sinners 

My country is without boarders 
I am a man without a country 

There are no black areas of shades  
There are no white areas of shades 

It is all blurred in grey 
No blood so red 

No cut so deep 
No handle on the butcher's knife  

No symbols and affiliation 
No secret handshakes on alters 

We are living in a nightmare 
Where all the monsters dreamed of, come alive 

The nut house is empty 
The inmates a' the guards running this ward

The President has a secret 
Greater than the man about to be hanged 

Do not look directly in their eyes 
The sun will blind you a' rob you of the day 

Hide the last manuscripts 
The decree ruled, is to burn all books 

Do not look for mother 
To be our saving grace  

She has long converted 
And we are all aliens to her course 

Blood is lighter than water 
And the sun dries it out so fast, desert rain

Amnesia is our luck to be found 
Stops us from remembering the pain 

I am a cartoonist, an artist 
I am just a guy with a pencil and paper 

Why would you brake my pencil 
And scatter my blood so raw

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