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Monday, 19 January 2015

My roots and me

Where my roots lie 
Between civilization and lost worlds 
That sprung, flourished and vanished 
In a twinkle of an eye 

Where is Atlantis 
The Kings and Queens 
The high society and low class 
That once lived here 

The jewelry and sliver spoons 
The clay bowls and wine jugs 
The soldiers and debt collectors 
The beauty and the beast 

Where are all the old souls 
That passed away what of the young
and vibrant between space and the universe 
What form are they taking now 

Light as a feather or as heavy as a rock 
To become strangers in their own land 
Long forgotten and of their essence 
Are we ghost, souls of the dinosaur 

Where does my root lie, 
Between civilizations and the lost world 
Between yesterday and today 
In a twinkle of an eye 

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