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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Tribal Wars

Tribal wars
Drums heard from a distance  

Language of another 
Tribal marks, the enemy is near  

An enemy, for you are different 
By tongue and language 

Tribal wars 
Skin color so deep 

Hair and eyes, size 
Sentiment of the paranoia 

Fear from old folktales 
They eat babes alive, alive I say 

I will bring down your house 
I will seize your love 

And bury you as an enemy 
For we are from different clans 

Tribal wars 
Tribal wars 

But save me when I am on my knees 
And I will be grateful 

It would be a deed as humanity 
And I will be grateful 

So long as you do not enter my house 
And be friends with my kind 

A stranger will be more welcome 
Than a neighbor

In my house, men from foreign lands we welcome 
But not you; tribal wars, tribal wars a neighbor 

Who stands to gain 
From insistence on valuing our differences 

History says we were once brothers 
History says we are sworn enemies 

Tribal wars 
Tribal wars 

Who is speaking my language 
Who's am I speaking 

Eyes, and size 
Skin color so deep 

Tribal wars 

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