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Friday, 6 March 2015

An Anarchist Call Card

I wonder who pulls the anarchist's strings
We all serve a higher purpose, am told

And the politicians of the day 
Well, are not who I worry about for now 

We all know their ways are wrong 
As are their motivations on corrupt virtues 

Though for the ignorance and arrogance 
Of t' rebels with false strength, I am left at a loss 

(influential groups none ever so independent, 
tied to their source of finance ) I cannot overlook.

Confused as to who is behind the curtains
Pulling their strings on agenda, they gather 

Did we not see Libya fall to the hands
Of the anarchist, in the Arab spring

Only to become a failed state
Where no man, woman or child is safe

From the cut throat knives of the ISIS
Iraq and Syria stand as hostage, ransom is t' dead

Gaddafi and Saddam Hussien's ghost that haunt
Playing peeka boo with Casper the friendly ghost

To watch our confused and driven youth
Run from home to become our worse nightmare

Jihad John with an accent so familiar
Cutting heads like it is a fun day in the park

If the blind leads the blind, blindfolded
What good is the cries of another blind man 

Insisting on leading the blinded sheep. 
You fool, #Philosophy #politics #life 

I wonder who pulls the anarchist's strings
Are we ever so prepared for their rule.

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