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Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Face of Love

It has been long, truly
Since I saw the face of my love

Candle lights blurred to the visions I hold
Always blind in the darkness

My senses though heightened
To walk blind, my hands stretched as guide

Bats are to be my new masters, they see in t' dark
To use radar, while I bump into walls, head first

The night is a torture of relentlessness
Sweating so hard, I am dehydrating in my sleep

The early morning brings a sigh of relief w' breeze
Though sleep finally makes a claim on debt owed

And so I am late waking up as usual
The alarm bells made redundant even after yell

My office look, is ravaged with wrinkles a' creases
In my shirt, no iron hot enough to clean this mess

Looking out of place has become the norm
Back to basics like a time in the eighties w' no light

Work takes a better part of the day
Until t' evening dust releases me from slavery

It has been long, truly
Since I saw the face of my love

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